Accelerate PCI DSS Compliance with Guardicore Centra

Meeting the requirements of PCI-DSS certification requirements puts a significant burden on organizations. GRSEE Consulting, a PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) completed a full audit of the Guardicore Centra product to examine its capabilities in helping IT managers, PCI internal auditors, and other key stakeholders interested in compliance.

This white paper provides information to IT managers and PCI internal auditors for understanding network security needs and best practices to mitigate payment data threats as well as the related requirements for PCI DSS version 3.2 audits. Learn some of the major ways in which Guardicore Centra can help to reduce the difficulty of meeting PCI-DSS certification requirements and achieving continued compliance.


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Guardicore is the segmentation company disrupting the legacy firewall market. Our software only approach is decoupled from the physical network, providing a faster alternative to firewalls. Built for the agile enterprise, we offer greater security and visibility in the cloud, data-center and endpoint. 


Guardicore es líder en seguridad interna de centros de datos y detección de brecha. Desarrollado por los mejores expertos en su sector de seguridad cibernética, Guardicore está cambiando el modo en que las organizaciones luchan contra los ataques cibernéticos en sus centros de datos.