Network Segmentation and Micro-Segmentation in Modern Enterprise Environments

A combination of hybrid and multi cloud infrastructure, the acceleration of traffic, and the increasing sophistication of attackers has made understanding and controlling your environment more difficult than ever to achieve. Perimeter security measures like firewalls – even if virtualized- do not prevent attackers as they expand their foothold using east-west traffic.

The Most Effective Way to Control Your Environment is Network Segmentation

Download the white paper to learn the three kinds of network segmentation, and how microsegmentation, when done right, is the best technology to address the shortcomings of alternative or traditional approaches.

You’ll discover the benefits of effective microsegmentation, including:

  • Effortlessly separate environments such as Development and Production
  • Check boxes for compliance and keep sensitive customer data protected
  • Ring-fence critical applications so they are safe, even in the case of a breach
  • Enforce granular tier-level segmentation within the same application cluster
  • Visualize and enforce policy at the process level, Layer 7


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Guardicore is the segmentation company disrupting the legacy firewall market. Our software only approach is decoupled from the physical network, providing a faster alternative to firewalls. Built for the agile enterprise, we offer greater security and visibility in the cloud, data-center and endpoint. 


Guardicore es líder en seguridad interna de centros de datos y detección de brecha. Desarrollado por los mejores expertos en su sector de seguridad cibernética, Guardicore está cambiando el modo en que las organizaciones luchan contra los ataques cibernéticos en sus centros de datos.