On-Demand Webinar:
When Firewalls Aren’t Enough, Embrace Zero Trust

Join Forrester Analyst, David Holmes in this on-demand webinar to learn about when network segmentation isn’t enough, and when to use a granular, application-based approach to security.

Holmes will tap into his experience with network security architecture, enterprise firewall research, and experience advising clients on Zero Trust solutions, which will cover:

  • Zero Trust network security principles
  • Use case: why firewalls aren’t enough
  • Network security trends: east-west and cloud threat surface


Holmes will also close with advice on operationalizing a Zero Trust program, focusing on how to roadmap key technologies like Microsegmentation.

Avishag Daniely, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, of Guardicore, will show how Guardicore’s software-defined segmentation solution is an alternative to enterprise firewalls, meeting the needs for a modern approach to network security, segmentation and achieving a Zero Trust architecture.