Rethink Your Firewalls to Meet the Needs of Digital Transformation

This e-book uncovers why security pros are switching to software-based segmentation to protect their most critical assets in record time.

The Need for Speed: The Future of Firewalls Is Software

At Guardicore, we have observed our customers’ IT security function struggle to keep up with the pace of change, mainly due to the over-reliance on legacy firewalls that have not innovated to adapt to this technological innovation.

This e-book will explain:

  • Why legacy firewalls have failed the agile enterprise
  • Top reasons to rethink your firewalls
  • How Guardicore reduces risk better than legacy firewalls
  • How switching to Guardicore’s software-based segmentation solution saves you time and money

Why Legacy Firewalls Are Failing Your Agile Enterprise

The technological innovation of DevOps software development and cloud computing have broken the security model that enterprises have used for nearly 20 years. IT security professionals now struggle to keep up with the pace of change, mainly due to over reliance on legacy firewalls that have not innovated to adapt.
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Believe legacy firewalls do not prevent attacks against critical business and cloud based applications.
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Say their legacy firewalls do not have the ability to quickly secure new apps or change configurations for existing apps.
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More than half of the respondents are ready for an alternative or complementary solution to their legacy firewall.

The Future of Firewalls is Faster and Safer With Guardicore

Reduce Risk by 99%

Measurable attack surface reduction by eliminating lateral movement.

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Software-based segmentation has the automatic benefit of isolating breaches to your environment, stopping attackers before they can increase threats or make lateral moves.

Lower Cost by 85%

Eliminate expensive firewall hardware upgrades and operating expenses.

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Software-based segmentation enables enterprises to reap the benefits of risk reduction while also supporting agile DevOps and rapid application development.

20x Faster

Segment critical IT assets up to 20x faster than legacy firewalls.

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Guardicore makes deployment 20x faster than legacy firewalls, with fewer people needed and virtually no downtime or disruption.

Trusted global organizations have made the switch to software-based segmentation

ESIS secures their data center with software-based segmentation


Cogna Group migrates data center in two weeks with Guardicore


Italtel revolutionizes MSSP market with Guardicore microsegmentation


Firewall Time & Cost Savings Calculator

Our calculator helps you understand the time and money you can save using Guardicore software-based segmentation.