Protecting the Law Firm’s Critical Applications

Since 2012, law firms have been increasingly the target of cyber attacks, leaving many of them breached and exposed. From the Panama Papers to DLA Piper, 2017 was one of the most challenging cybersecurity years for law firms and there is no indication that this trend is slowing down in 2018.

Law firms have an ethical and professional obligation to make all reasonable efforts to protect the information they hold. Most of the sensitive client information is stored in the law firm’s business-critical applications – document management systems (DMS) and mail applications. The DMS application offers a wide range of functions and features, including mattercentric organization of files and folders, version management, email management, document editing, indexing and searching, permission management, and more.

Clients are considering cyber security as a serious factor in decision making and firms that fail to address cyber security threats are more likely to lose business, face regulatory actions and even face lawsuits from clients.

Read this paper to learn about the key challenges in protecting critical business applications of a law firm. Learn about Guardicore Centra’s comprehensive solution for protecting critical applications in data centers and clouds.


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