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Securing Assets Using Micro-Segmentation: A SANS Review of Guardicore Centra

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Learn how Guardicore Centra’s segmentation and breach detection capabilities can simplify NERC CIP compliance by

  • Reducing the cost and complexity of audit preparation through visualization tools
  • Maintaining compliance with software- based firewall controls that can be changed in minutes without physical network changes or complex firewall rule modifications
  • Enabling granular segmentation within an Electronic Security Perimeter (ESP) to significantly reduce risk to critical assets

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SC Magazine Product Review – Guardicore Centra

Guardicore Centra Named “Best Buy” by SC Magazine in Cloud-Based Security Group Review, who claimed to find no weaknesses in the product.


Guardicore Centra™ Live Demo | Fast and Simple to Manage Segmentation

Guardicore Centra™ provides a simpler, faster way to guarantee persistent and consistent security – for any application, in any IT environment. See for yourself!


What is Guardicore Centra? How Does It Work?

Read this brochure to get answers to the basic questions about our cloud and data center security solution and learn how visibility and segmentation can help secure any environment.