It’s Time to Shut Down Ransomware.

#StopTheSpread…. of Ransomware, that is.

Everyone - including the White House - likes talking about preventing ransomware. But it’s going to happen.

We’ve all seen the latest cyber executive order. Segmenting your network prevents lateral movement.

Ransomware’s main goal is to spread. That’s why payment amounts and downtime are up ridiculously high. The more people they can affect, the more likely you are to pay. It’s not about prevention, it’s about having a stronger security solution at each point of the ransomware kill chain. That’s where we come in.

Prepare. Prevent. Detect. Remediate. Recover.   

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Identify critical data
Segment critical assets
Detect lateral movement
Quarantine affected networks
Full visibility for clean recovery

Why Our Customers Love Us

“The visibility provided by Guardicore Centra was like a bright beam of light that pushed back the darkness!”

Head of Infrastructure Security at Large Bank

“Guardicore allowed us within four hours to stop the attack from spreading and restore downed production lines in a “sterile” network segment without modifying any underlying networking. All during ongoing IR investigation and containment.” 

CISO at Breach Remediation Company

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