Reduce your attack surface and simplify digital transformation

Guardicore Excels At

Visualizing Infrastructure & Risks

See how applications function and
communicate in detail

Simplifying Security Policies

Create granular segmentation policies that work across all platforms and environments

Accelerating Threat Detection & Response

Apply multiple techniques to detect and respond to threats quickly

By Business Value

Prevent Lateral Movement

Control east/west traffic to reduce your data center and cloud attack surface

Protect Your Digital Crown Jewels

Blanket the applications that matter most to your business with precise security controls

Simplify and Accelerate Compliance

Isolate systems that are subject to regulatory requirements simply and effectively

Adopt Cloud and PaaS Securely

Implement infrastructure-agnostic security policies that work consistently across legacy bare metal servers and all forms of cloud.

Innovate Faster

Integrate security with application development without time-consuming software changes, infrastructure changes, or downtime.

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“Deutsche Bank is committed to the highest standards of security, and a high priority for us is implementing tight network segmentation in our on-premises and cloud environments. Guardicore gives us an effective way to protect our critical assets through segmentation.”

Alan Meirzon

Director, Chief Information Security Office