It’s Time to Rethink Firewalls

Legacy firewalls have proved to be complex, inflexible and just plain ineffective
in today’s dynamic and hybrid environments.

Beyond the Wall

Why are IT and security teams still relying on legacy firewalls to do internal network segmentation?

Guardicore Centra™ gives you a more agile, cost-effective, and secure segmentation solution than legacy firewalls can provide. See for yourself!

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The Disadvantages of Legacy Firewalls

As organizations use dynamic cloud and hybrid environments, reliance on legacy firewall appliances for security limits their agility, speed to policy creation and enforcement, and the ability to scale their operations. The need for streamlined and more effective segmentation alternatives to legacy firewalls is urgent.

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of all firewall breaches will be caused by security misconfigurations

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have less than 50% real-time visibility into network security risks and compliance

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don’t even know when a misconfigured firewall causes an issue on the network

Firewalls: The Old Way

Slow & Complex

Rules based on IP address and ports are too coarse and complex

Expanding Attack Surface

More use of cloud and new deployment models like containers

Escalating Costs

Scaling up high-throughput firewall appliances is expensive

Guardicore Centra vs. Legacy Firewalls

20x Faster

Segment critical IT assets up to 20x faster than legacy firewalls.


Reduce Risk by 99%

Measurable attack surface reduction by eliminating lateral movement.


Lower Cost by 85%

Eliminate expensive firewall hardware upgrades and operating expenses.


Firewall Admins Weigh in on Guardicore’s Security Value

“With Guardicore, we were not only able to secure 45 applications without interruption in just 6 weeks, we also got a more agile, cost-effective, and secure solution than our legacy firewall provider.”

— David E. Stennett, Sr. Infrastructure Engineer,
The Honey Baked Ham Company

Why Software Wins

Guardicore’s software approach is decoupled from the physical network, providing a faster alternative to firewalls.

Visibility and Certainty Across Environments

Visualize your
applications and
create segmentation
policies with a few

Distributed and Infrastructure-Independent

Create or change policies without disruptive infrastructure changes.

Adaptive Policies Based on Business Context

Policies based on abstractions (e.g., “production databases”) – Automation Ready.

Firewall Savings Calculator

Estimate how much time and money you will save by replacing legacy firewalls with software-based segmentation

Firewall Total Cost of Ownership

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