Meet the Recovering Firewall Admin Who Lived the Legacy Firewall Nightmare

Meet Trevor. He’s a recovering firewall admin who has lived the legacy firewall nightmare, spending years in the trenches behind VLANs, mountains of cables, IP addresses, and hugely expensive firewall appliances.

In this video series, he shares his experience and the harsh realities of contending with traditional firewall technologies that are complex, inflexible and ineffective against modern threats such as lateral movement.

There is a faster and safer method of protecting your cloud and data center environments through software-based segmentation, and Trevor is here to show you the way.

Tales of a Recovering Firewall Admin

It All Starts with

You can’t protect what you can’t see. It may seem obvious, but visibility is mandatory. How long will you accept not knowing what you don’t know? How long will you sit there passively waiting for the threats to come knocking on your firewall’s door? Are you willing to further risk your organization’s most valuable assets?

Complexity: The Perfect Recipe for Disaster

When cybersecurity gets complex, it becomes expensive, latency abounds and your risk goes through the roof. The bottom line is, complexity is one of your biggest enemies when it comes to protecting your environment. You simply can’t protect what you don’t understand. And like many of you, I’ve learned this the hard way.

What Could You Do With a Million Dollars and a Whole Year?

Software-based segmentation has emerged in recent years as a viable, faster, more effective and lower-cost alternative to meet the demand for more and tighter network segments in today’s dynamic environments. Secure your assets in record time, enjoy an 85% cost savings compared to legacy firewalls, and a 93% reduction in labor costs.

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