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Guardicore for Financial Services

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From 8-12 Months to 2 Weeks

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From 8-12 Months to 2 Weeks

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From 45 Days to 1.5 Days

What Leading Financial Services Organizations Are Saying About Guardicore

“Guardicore enables us to enhance our data center security strategy and help avoid today’s advanced threats.”

— Marino Aguiar CIO,
Santander Brasil

“Guardicore helped us to implement tight network segmentation across on-premises and cloud environments.”

— VP, Information Security at Large
European Bank

“Guardicore has provided us with the fastest and most elegant path to application segmentation.”

— Information Technology Security
Leader at Regional Bank

Micro-Segmentation Simplifies Protection Today. And Prepares You For Tomorrow’s Compliance and Technology Requirements.

Reduce Cost & Complexity

Stop juggling multiple tools and manual processes to secure financial digital assets and banking compliance efforts. Enforce segmentation controls and automate policy creation across all infrastructure types with one unified platform, saving you money and time.

Prevent Lateral Movement

Protect critical assets from unauthorized internal or external access with user-based network segmentation, meeting technical compliance requirements and building a strong foundation for a Zero Trust network.


Secure New Technologies

Enable digital transformation with security controls that ready financial services organizations for the cloud, containers, and other emerging technologies to ensure security and compliance postures remain strong as business needs evolve.


All-In-One Protection with Guardicore Centra

With cyberattacks against banks and other financial services organizations growing, regulators are increasingly calling for organizations to implement more granular segmentation. Guardicore Centra enables financial services organizations to quickly visualize and secure on-premises and cloud workloads with microsegmentation—without the need for application changes or production downtime.

Since the approach is independent of the underlying infrastructure, it enables customers to simplify policy creation and complete network segmentation efforts in weeks, not months.

Traditional Data Center

Segmented Data Center

Reduce Cost and Complexity

Unify on-premises, legacy, and cloud security controls​
Avoid application changes or downtime
Introduce automation and integrate with DevOps

Prevent Lateral Movement

Visualize and isolate compliance-related assets
Ring-fence critical applications, such as SWIFT or Fedline
Control internal and external access with granular controls

Secure New Technologies

Future-proof policies by separating them from infrastructure
Proactively mitigate threats in changing IT environments

Guardicore Simplifies and Accelerates Financial Services Compliance in Two Steps


Quickly isolate and secure assets that are subject to compliance regulations such as PCI-DSS, NY SHIELD, or GDPR. Guardicore also protects critical financial services applications SWIFT and Fedline.


Demonstrate compliance to auditors easily with real-time and historical visibility into activity and policy enforcement.

Financial Institutions Trust Guardicore to Protect Critical Assets

Large European Bank

Before: This organization was facing non-compliance with several regulations and significant annual fines.

After Guardicore:

Implemented network segmentation 10x faster than initially estimated
Accelerated compliance by isolating more than 10,000 assets in scope
Achieved precise control over user and device access
Integrated cybersecurity seamlessly with fast-moving development processes

Regional US Bank

Before: This bank’s too flat network was putting both security and compliance at risk.

After Guardicore:

Ring-fenced ten critical applications
Achieved full-visibility into East-West traffic
Restricted third-party access
Future-proofed cybersecurity controls for the cloud
Automated cybersecurity controls to keep pace with DevOps

High-Impact Services Ensure Your Success

Realize value quickly by accelerating your deployment and addressing critical business challenges.
Engage Guardicore experts based on your security needs and staffing preferences.
Access specialized product and security talent as an extension to your in-house teams.
Bring the latest security best practices into your organization with insights from Guardicore’s global threat research and real-world data.

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