Secure cloud migration in weeks instead of months

Swift, secure cloud migration with application dependency mapping

The cloud holds the promise of speed, agility, and simplicity – but on-premise to cloud migration can be slow and complex without in-depth visualization capabilities. Moreover, workload migration to the cloud requires security specifically built for the cloud.

From IaaS deployments in the cloud to full migrations, Guardicore empowers you to speed migration with fewer steps, without compromising security.

Five simple steps to achieve cloud migration

Successful cloud migration projects start with understanding your application dependencies
Use a single interface to view all applications, on-prem and in the cloud. You can then easily understand how applications are connected and develop a reliable plan to move data to the cloud.
Common service dependencies can be anything from Active Directory to DNS to an update service within your environment. Take advantage of Guardicore’s process-level and application dependency visibility, contextual relevance, and real-time and historical views.
What other applications depend on your applications? Once you use Guardicore to comprehensively map out dependencies, you can confidently accomplish your legacy applications migration – without breaking or misconfiguring anything.
Achieve your cloud workload migration with speed, clarity, and assurance – and zero downtime. Continually monitor and assure a smooth transition from on-premise to the cloud.
Implement granular microsegmentation policies, as well as threat detection and response features. Fill the gaps in cloud-native security and keep your critical assets secure.

How can I migrate to the cloud 10x faster?

Migrate workloads to the cloud swiftly, securely and simply

Expand easily

Build security into your cloud or IaaS expansion as you move data to the cloud and scale up or down.

Examine everywhere

Visualize how applications connect and communicate across your hybrid cloud environment.

Enforce effortlessly

Use a single pane of glass to apply unified security policies, from the data center to the cloud.

“Visibility, to me, means being able to see the traffic patterns, the communication flow between the systems, and knowing what’s going on in the cloud. That’s really what I saw as the strength in Guardicore Centra.”

— Scott T. Nichols, Director of Global Product Privacy and Cybersecurity, Beckman Coulter

Gartner: Market Guide for Workload Protection Platforms

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Cogna Group migrates data center migration to the cloud in two weeks

Cogna needed to keep its information secure both during and after its hybrid cloud migration, as well as mitigate risk and preserve the organization’s reputation.

“Imagine the risk if we were to migrate to the new data center with machines without the proper protection, subjecting the whole group to Internet threats for lack of segmentation.”

Guardicore’s microsegmentation “is about monitoring the access context to allow only authorized users to access each server and each communication channel between machines. This is the kind of control we must have today.”


  • Data Center Migration
  • Secure Cloud Adoption
  • Simplifying Compliance
  • Zero Trust Framework

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Tired of the mess of firewall rules, VLANs, and cloud security settings? Try a unified security approach to secure cloud data.
Visualize and secure containerized applications without sacrificing your organization’s security posture.
AWS Security
Amazon’s built-in tools are a good start, but Guardicore’s microsegmentation provides the added protection you need for complete cloud security.
Azure Security
Guardicore’s Microsoft IP Co-Sell status backs our proven technology and deep expertise in enabling customers to achieve cloud security goals.

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