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Guardicore for Healthcare

A fast, simple fix for flat networks in healthcare

Faster Segmentation by

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From 8-12 Months to Weeks

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From 45 Days to 1.5 Days

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What Leading Healthcare Providers Are Saying About Guardicore

“You should be getting every potential healthcare customer in front of your Centra solution so they can see their entire data center traffic from a single view and how easy it is to create and apply security policies in hybrid-cloud environments.”

— IT Security Leader,
Large Healthcare System

Protect patient data without compromising quality of care

Segment Sensitive Assets

Quickly identify and isolate environments, applications, or sensitive workloads with granular segmentation policies to improve cybersecurity and meet the technical requirements of HIPAA and other compliance standards.

Control Access

Control access to assets based on context, so you can ensure physicians, insurers, and other staff have the access they need, even if remote, to provide quality care while ensuring patient data remains secure.

Support Transformation

Ensure data and applications are protected, even as infrastructure and personnel needs become more distributed and heterogeneous over time. See and control communication and access to and from assets in any environment.

COVID-19 and risk mitigation

In the face of COVID-19, both the need for remote access and cloud adoption has grown at healthcare providers, dramatically increasing their attack surface. Guardicore can help organizations stay secure and protect patient data while meeting these evolving challenges by extending fine-grained security controls to any environment.

Additionally, Guardicore will help any organization protect its virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments for free throughout 2020.

All-In-One Protection with Guardicore Centra

Guardicore Centra makes it easy for healthcare systems to visualize workloads anywhere, including on-premises, virtual, or cloud environments, and implement precise controls over data flows and access at the process level- all without the need for network changes or downtime.

This reduces risk from flat networks and simplifies compliance with HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and other regulations, while integrated threat detection ensures that security incidents are quickly detected and resolved.

Traditional Data Center

Segmented Data Center

Segment Sensitive Assets


Validate compliance with real-time and historical visibility

Control Access

Enforce access controls based on context, such as role or entry point, to ensure users can easily access what they need to provide quality care, and no more
Detect and mitigate policy violations and suspicious activity

Support Transformation

Prevent devices on the network from communicating with the data center
Enable safe access for third-parties and other remote users
Extend consistent microsegmentation policies to on-premises, virtual, and cloud workloads

Simplify HIPAA and other compliance requirements in two easy steps


Guardicore enables organizations to identify and isolate assets subject to HIPAA, specific medical equipment vendor requirements, or other compliance regulations.


Easily demonstrate compliance to auditors and stakeholders with real-time and historical visibility into activity and policy enforcement.

Healthcare Organizations Trust Guardicore to Protect Critical Assets

Large US Healthcare System

Before: To migrate workloads to Microsoft Azure without risking compliance, this organization first needed to address the risks of a relatively flat network with granular segmentation and find a way to extend consistent cybersecurity policies to the new environment.

After Guardicore:

  • Secured workloads in Microsoft Azure
  • Restricted medical IoT device and BYOD access to data center
  • Ring-fenced critical applications with sensitive data, controlling access
  • Simplified compliance validation with new visibility into data

High-Impact Services Ensure Your Success

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Engage Guardicore experts based on your security needs and staffing preferences.
Access specialized product and security talent as an extension to your in-house teams.
Bring the latest security best practices into your organization with insights from Guardicore’s global threat research and real-world data.

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