Hybrid cloud security from a single interface

Reduce risk and complexity across hybrid and multi-cloud with a single visibility tool and policy set

Cloud vendors provide some security, but it’s not enough to protect your critical assets. The patchwork of legacy firewall rules, virtual firewalls, and cloud security groups is filled with risks. What’s more, that complexity and lack of visibility leads to human error and security misconfiguration.

It’s time for a unified security approach to hybrid cloud security – and that’s just what you get with Guardicore Centra.

Four ways to simplify hybrid and multi-cloud security

Visualize your entire environment – on prem and in the cloud – through a single interface.
Utilize a single point of control to create granular, application-aware segmentation policies that prevent lateral movement across any platform in hybrid environments.
Develop a single security policy set that works independently from your infrastructure, eliminating human error and manual misconfiguration of multiple security systems.
Keep your business safe with powerful threat detection and vulnerability mitigation, powered by segmentation.

How to safely expand and innovate with your hybrid cloud infrastructure

Simplify and adapt your secure access program as your IT strategy evolves

Seamless expansion

Build security into your cloud expansion as you scale up or down, without requiring reconfiguration or slowing down DevOps processes.

Superior visibility

Visualize how applications connect and communicate, viewing context and reducing complexity across your multi-cloud environment.

Simple security

Use a single pane of glass to enforce policy down to process and user level, avoid misconfiguration, and follow workloads wherever they go.
“Micro-segmentation tools such as Guardicore Centra have a lot to offer and will likely help advance protective, detective and response activities as organizations wrestle with hybrid environments that include legacy platforms, convoluted internal networks and cloud service infrastructures…Static, stationary firewalls and network segmentation tools and tactics just aren’t keeping pace with the way organizations want to build and deploy infrastructure today. ”
— Dave Shackelford, SANS Analyst

Gartner: Market Guide for Workload Protection Platforms

Looking for more information on picking the right security solution for your hybrid cloud environment? View Gartner’s suggestions for what to look for in a multi-cloud workload protection platform.

Staples scales hybrid cloud security with Guardicore

Staples was looking for a future-ready segmentation approach to let them deploy workloads into the cloud while continuing to ensure security, stability, and performance.

Staples needed a scalable solution to simplify the data center migration, enforce policies across hybrid environments, and “act the same across different operating systems.”

Guardicore let Staples easily configure applications during migration without disrupting production, meet compliance needs, and automatically update policies. They also use Guardicore’s Threat Detection and Response features to manage incidents.


  • Secure Cloud Adoption
  • Accelerating Compliance
  • Preventing Lateral Movement
  • Speeding Innovation

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PaaS, IaaS, multi-cloud, hybrid cloud – you name it, we’ve got your back. Speed migration, without compromising security.
Visualize and secure containerized applications without sacrificing your organization’s security posture.
Amazon’s built-in tools are a good start, but Guardicore’s microsegmentation provides the added protection you need for complete cloud security.
Guardicore’s Microsoft IP Co-Sell status backs our proven technology and deep expertise in enabling customers to achieve cloud security goals.
Looking for more information about our cloud partners? Guardicore works with the biggest global providers to ensure smooth security implementations.

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