Innovate Faster

Security that adapts as business needs change

Deploy and update applications quickly without compromising on security

Visualize application dependencies

See how applications components function and interact and quickly understand the security impact of application or infrastructure changes.

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One of the most challenging aspects of securing fast-evolving applications is understanding dependencies between applications and their components. Centra visualizes applications and makes it easy to spot dependencies and assess the security impact of planned changes.

Lock down access to critical applications

Apply precise segmentation policies to isolate high-value assets.

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An optimal ring-fencing approach narrowly limits application access and communication to only those activities required for the application to function properly. Centra makes it easy to create precise policies that apply ring-fencing controls down to the individual process level.

Defend high-value assets from attacks

Detect and mitigate threats quickly using multiple advanced techniques.

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An organization’s highest profile or highest value assets are an attractive target for attackers. Centra combines policy-based alerts, reputation-based detection, file integrity monitoring, and deception to detect threats against critical assets and help you respond quickly.

Security that keeps pace as business and application needs evolve

Guardicore Centra gives you deep visibility to how applications work and flexible security controls that protect your infrastructure without preventing or slowing innovation. Guardicore’s approach works across any platform, environment and operating system and integrates seamlessly with fast-moving development and deployment processes. This gives business stakeholders and developers the freedom to move quickly to address new business needs with the assurance that security practices will keep pace and adapt as needed.



Innovate Quickly and Security with Guardicore

Innovation and security are opposing forces in many organizations. As development and operations teams attempt to move quickly to address new business needs, security teams must often ask for delay and caution to ensure that sensitive applications and data are kept safe. Guardicore helps your technology and security teams move in the same direction by making it easier to implement strong security controls without slowing application development and deployment momentum. Guardicore lets you see how applications work and interact in detail and create security policies that are independent from applications and their underlying infrastructure.

See How Applications Work – Understand application functionality, dependencies, and security requirements through a detailed, highly visual interface.

Apply Adaptable, Non-Disruptive Policies – Implement security policies that operate independently from applications and infrastructure.

Deploy and Update Applications Quickly – Integrate security with DevOps and automation and avoid security-related downtime or application changes.

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Segment with a Powerful Policy Engine

Detection & Response

Detect Threats Faster and Simplify Response


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