Protect your business critical applications in the Legal sector

The Growing Complexity of Security and Compliance

Law firms have been increasingly the target of cyber attacks. This is due to the sensitive nature and variety of information law firms store, coupled with often not fully optimized security to protect this sensitive data. A law firm’s most critical business applications storing confidential data are the Document Management Systems (DMS) and email applications.

Traditional network security tools used to protect these applications are no longer enough for applications running in a hybrid cloud environment. A new solution is needed that meets the unique and changing needs of the modern law firm.

Comprehensive protection for the law firm’s critical applications

Understand your application dependencies and flows

Eliminate blind spots and reveal possible attack vectors in law firm applications. ​

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DMS solutions offer integration with productivity suites such as SharePoint, Exchange, and MS Office and are often deployed across heterogeneous environments. This creates a security blind spot. Centra discovers and maps application dependencies and flows, creating a visual view of DMS applications to highlight security gaps and enable tight segmentation policies.

Reduce risk across shared IT infrastructure

Use granular segmentation policies to reduce risk to sensitive client data.

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Critical applications are often placed in shared infrastructure such as the same hypervisor with limited or no controls between applications. Applying granular segmentation policies effectively isolates applications and client data, reducing the attack surface and preventing lateral movement. Centra enables this level of control in diverse and rapidly changing environments.

Accellerate detection and response to threats targeting law firm data

Reduce attacker dwell time and speed incident response times with integrated detection and response. ​

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An organization’s highest profile or highest value assets are an attractive target for attackers. Centra combines policy-based alerts, reputation-based detection, file integrity monitoring, and deception to detect threats against critical assets and help you respond quickly.

Simple and compehensive security for law firms

Centra provides the widest security coverage for a law firm’s critical applications across hybrid environments, residing on both virtualized and bare-metal machines, and across on-premises or IaaS or PaaS. Centra provides visibility into application dependencies and flows, segmentation policy enforcement, and integrated detection and response. These capabilities are crucial to preventing data loss and business downtime scenarios that may disrupt a law firm’s business.

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Reveal Application Flows Across the Infrastructure


Segment with a Powerful Policy Engine

Detection & Response

Detect Threats Faster and Simplify Response


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Protecting the Law Firm’s Critical Applications

Learn about the key challenges in protecting critical business applications of a law firm and how to overcome them.

Guardicore Centra Security Platform

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