Addressing Industry-Specific Security Challenges with Guardicore

Improving Visibility and Control for Business-Critical Applications

Protect Your Digital Crown Jewels

Nearly all industries have critical applications that are central to business success. Protecting these “digital crown jewels” from attack while also giving business owners and developers the freedom to innovate requires a delicate balance. It’s also a challenge that is growing more complex as organizations adopt the cloud and new application delivery practices. Guardicore makes understanding and protecting applications easier by replacing traditional infrastructure-based security techniques with a software-defined model that works everywhere. The detailed visibility and precise control that Guardicore provides is transforming security across a wide range of industries, including:

Meet Your Industry’s Security Standards

At a time when many industries have specialized security regulations with high stakes for compliance, Guardicore helps security and compliance teams understand their application infrastructure in greater detail and implement the necessary controls to meet industry-specific security requirements. Detailed visibility, precise policy controls, and integrated threat detection and response capabilities take much of the guesswork and inefficiency out of compliance efforts.

Sound interesting? Read a short oveview of how Guardicore simplifies security by downloading the PDF below.


Real-Time and Historical Visibility

See how applications work and communicate in detail to better understand how to improve your security and compliance posture.

Granular Segmentation

Implement granular segmentation rules to isolate critical assets and tightly manage how applications communicate.

Threat Detection and Response

Detect attacks and breaches quickly and arm security operations teams with the information they need to respond.