Detect Lateral Movement

Stop attacks early in the kill chain to reduce risk.

The growing threat of unsanctioned east-west traffic

While IT security teams put substantial time and investment into preventing network intrusions, it only takes a quick look at the daily news to be reminded that major security breaches, many caused by lateral movement attacks, are inevitable.
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Average time to detect and contain a data breach caused by a malicious attack. (IBM)

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Say legacy firewalls are not effective in restricting lateral movement. (Ponemon)

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Feel prepared to defend against lateral movement. (Ponemon)

How lateral movement works

Lateral movement typically starts with an infection or credential-based compromise of an initial data center or cloud node. From there, an attacker may employ various reconnaissance techniques to learn more about the networks, nodes, and applications surrounding the compromised resource.

Block lateral movement and reduce dwell time

While many organizations continue to invest in legacy firewalls, today’s true security battleground is inside the firewall. Guardicore Centra provides a single, scalable platform with real-time threat detection and response capabilities, to detect lateral movement and minimize dwell time, through the entire cyber attack kill chain.

How Guardicore can help prevent lateral movement

The Guardicore Centra Security Platform is the leading microsegmentation security solution that delivers a simple and intuitive way to detect lateral movement, reduce the attack surface and detect and control breaches within east-west traffic. It provides deep visibility into application dependencies and flows and enforcement of network and individual process-level policies to isolate and segment critical applications and infrastructure.

Visualize East-West Traffic

Process-level enforcement detects, alerts, and blocks unauthorized processes from accessing critical application components, reducing the attack surface and limiting lateral movements.

Reduce Dwell Time

Guardicore Centra provides faster detection earlier in the kill chain, with details on attacker tools and techniques, that help IR teams to prioritize incident investigation and reduce dwell time.

Patented Dynamic Deception

Centra features a high-interaction deception engine that disrupts attackers and captures attack details, including reputation analysis that detects suspicious domain names, IP addresses and file hashes within traffic flows.

Accelerate Incident Response

Automatic exports of indicators of compromise to security gateways and SIEM, single-click updates to segmentation policies to remediate traffic violations, and the ability to trigger actions on VMs — suspend, halt, disconnect, or snapshot — to prevent the spread of damage from ransomware attacks.

Threat Intelligence

Collect the entire attack footprint – the files and tools being used and uploaded, and perform deep forensics to expose user credentials, attack methods, propagation tactics, and more.

Start assessing lateral movement in your environment for free

Guardicore Labs offers a free, open-source breach and attack simulation tool called Infection Monkey. Infection Monkey applies the MITRE ATT&CK framework and the Zero Trust Assessment Tool. It provides a new report with the utilized techniques and recommended mitigations to help you simulate an APT attack on your network and mitigate real attack paths quickly.

The Definitive Guide to Choosing a Micro-Segmentation Solution

As IT environments get more complex and dynamic, the perimeter can not stop all bad actors from making it inside data centers and cloud environments. Micro-segmentation reduces your attack surface, frustrates intruders, can be used as a compensating control against vulnerabilities, and hardens your data center.

In this paper, you will learn:

  • What to look for in a microsegmentation solution
  • How do you make the decision of which tool to select by which vendor?
  • What are the essential features in a tool and what are the must-haves to look out for when considering a vendor?
  • What needs to be on your checklist when embarking on a microsegmentation project?

How IT Experts Use Guardicore Centra to Prevent Lateral Movement

ESIS secures their data center with software-defined segmentation


Cogna Group migrates data center in two weeks with Guardicore


Italtel revolutionizes MSSP market with Guardicore microsegmentation


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