Protect Your Digital Crown Jewels

Focused protection where it matters the most

Align your security investments with the greatest areas of risk​

Isolate critical applications

Ring-fence high-value assets with granular security policies. ​

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PCI DSS states that system components can considered out of scope if they are unable to communicate with any other component within the compliance environment. Centra makes it easy to create software-defined segmentation policies that enforce this level of isolation.

Prevent unsanctioned activity

Control application access and communication flows.

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PCI DSS includes a number of requirements for restriction of communication with the compliance environment and blocking of insecure services, protocols, and daemons. Centra makes it easy to implement these type of policies and validate that prohibited activities aren’t occurring.

Innovate securely

Protect applications without requiring changes or downtime. ​

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Many organizations find that PCI DSS compliance complexity makes it challenging to adopt cloud services. Centra’s visibility and segmentation capabilities work seamlessly across data center and cloud infrastructure, providing added flexibility as infrastructure needs evolve.

Detailed visualization and control

Guardicore Centra collects detailed information about application functionality, communication flows, and dependencies and creates an interactive map of your IT infrastructure. This contextual view makes it easy to understand how applications work and create powerful security policies that protect all of your critical IT assets – from legacy bare-metal servers to sophisticated cloud deployments.


Protect your digital crown jewels with Guardicore

The visibility and control that Guardicore Centra provides makes it easy for security teams to ring-fence their digital crown jewels with precise security policies. Tightly managing how critical applications function and communicate reduces their exposure to security vulnerabilities and threats from the broader IT infrastructure.

Visualize and Isolate Applications – Understand your critical applications in detail and create policies to isolate them from other applications and infrastructure.

Apply Granular Security Policies – Limit application access to and communication with critical application components with process-level granularity.

Enable Secure Innovation – Protect applications with granular policies that work from the data center to the cloud and do not require application or infrastructure changes.

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Reveal Application Flows Across the Infrastructure


Segment with a Powerful Policy Engine

Detection & Response

Detect Threats Faster and Simplify Response


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