Stop Ransomware dead in its tracks

Using the ransomware kill chain to mitigate lateral movement

Ransomware has immobilized  organizations globally for years, and the threat is still on the top of everyone’s mind. Traditional ways of mitigating the threat of ransomware such as server backups or traditional firewalls have been rendered less useful thanks to the higher level of sophistication attackers have evolved to.

Halt ransomware at the source with Guardicore Centra – your secret weapon against lateral movement.

“The visibility provided by Guardicore Centra was like a bright beam of light that pushed back the darkness!”

Head of Infrastructure Security at Large Bank

Believing is Seeing

Employee Clicks. Malware executes and spreads. Files are locked down. Yikes. That’s the life we live in the era of ransomware.

The fear around a successful ransomware attack is warranted. We’ve all seen the stats. A ransomware incident predicted to occur every 11 seconds. The sheer amount of them due to the pandemic. The real financial losses that are tied to them. It’s a security practitioner’s nightmare.

Good thing is, Centra is a dream.

In this short walkthrough video, our AVP of Sales Engineering Garrett Weber shows you how to isolate ransomware in a few clicks. Yes, really. A few clicks is all it takes.

Break every link in the ransomware killchain: prevent with policies, isolate to stop lateral movement, and have visibility to reduce remediation time. All in one place.

Putting a kink in the ransomware kill chain

Elements of Ransomware stopped in a few clicks

Visualize Ransomware

One of the most important parts of a ransomware incident is knowing just how far the breach has spread. The keys to mitigation are visibility and control. Using reputation analysis, dig into an executable as soon as it enters the environment with automatic templates and intuitive visualizations.

Isolation and Containment 

Ransomware’s main driver is to spread fast and wide – but you have to find it first. By implementing denialist rules, you can isolate the threat quickly to shut down the malware before it gets out of hand. Single rule, spread no more.

Policy Implementation 

Limiting the access to remote services is a great start to preventing ransomware. Set up the correct policies in a single place with the ease of a few clicks. This goes for both wartime (when an incident has occurred) and peacetime (when things are status quo) policies.

Limit Exposure of Critical Applications

Once you find the ransomware, the next step is to shut it down. Create policies quickly for critical applications using a pre-built template library in real time. 

Want to dynamically prevent and mitigate ransomware in real time?

Seriously, it’s just a few clicks.

Seeing is Securing

Granular visibility into applications and their dependencies to swiftly and effortlessly shut down the threat

Taking Ransomware off the Map

Bring the theoretical into the visual with our simple yet actionable data center mapping and network visualization

No Mistaken Identity

Identity and Access Management done right with Zero Trust in mind to prevent lateral movement

“Guardicore allowed us within four hours to stop the attack from spreading and restore downed production lines in a “sterile” network segment without modifying any underlying networking. All during ongoing IR investigation and containment.” 

CISO at Breach Remediation Company

Hit by ransomware? We’ve got you.

3 days. That’s all it took for this large bank to identify, mitigate, and deploy policies post-incident. Beef up your incident response plan with a product designed for when the unthinkable happens.
What happened
The all too familiar story: a large organization was hit with ransomware after being forced to move to a 100% remote workforce.
The challenge

With limited visibility in their current Oracle database, the ability to see the threat much less isolate and mitigate it was impossible.

Centra to the rescue

Since this bank had already taken the first step to a more secure environment by deploying Centra to segment other critical applications, it was even more simple. We added ring-fencing to their backups which allowed for the security and isolation needed for mitigation. Thanks to the dynamic deployment that software provides, they were able to block the ransomware from propagating and wreaking further havoc.
Sound familiar? Is the situation that you’re afraid of happening in your environment? Check out the full case study to see how we can up your ransomware detection and mitigation game, quite literally overnight.

Just how big is the ransomware threat?

This is one ebook you can judge by its cover.

Can you actually “check off” a checklist? With our ransomware resurgence eBook you sure can. If you’re looking for one place to learn about the scope of the ransomware threat, how to prevent it, and how to defend against it, you’ve come to the right place.

But wait, there’s Guardi-More!

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Looking for a more in-depth view of how Centra can prevent ransomware attacks? Our demo gets it done.