Simplify and Accelerate Compliance

Simple, highly visual compliance controls that work everywhere

Isolate regulated assets and continuously validate your compliance posture​

Segment regulated IT assets in any environment

Create granular segmentation policies across on-premises and cloud environments to isolate and secure assets that are subject to regulations. ​

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Whether regulated IT assets reside in data center environments, cloud platforms, or both, legacy segmentation policies are often a complex patchwork of infrastructure-based configurations. Centra provides a simpler and more granular segmentation approach that works everywhere.

Visualize and validate compliance boundaries

See activity and policy enforcement on a real-time or historical basis to ensure ongoing compliance.

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Centra provides a detailed view of how regulated applications function and communicate on both a real-time and historical basis. This makes it much easier to demonstrate that appropriate compliance policy boundaries are in place and validate their past or ongoing effectiveness.

Detect and respond to threats quickly

Draw from multiple techniques to proactively identify and mitigate attacks targeting regulated assets. ​

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Centra’s integrated threat detection and response capabilities include reputation-based detection, file integrity monitoring, and deception. Active threats against regulated assets are detected quickly, and actionable information is provided to security teams to speed response.

Simple, adaptable compliance controls for your entire infrastructure

Guardicore Centra makes it easy to visualize your entire IT infrastructure and create software-defined compliance boundaries. Guardicore’s approach works across any platform, environment, and operating system, giving you the ability to isolate regulated assets without limiting your ability to change your IT infrastructure and application delivery approaches over time. Guardicore’s highly visual approach lets you segment regulated assets with a few mouse clicks, and real-time and historical visibility into activity and policy enforcement make demonstrating compliance to both internal stakeholders and external auditors easy.



Simplify and Accelerate Compliance with Guardicore

Implementing regulatory compliance controls and ensuring their ongoing effectiveness are some of the most important – and most time-consuming – activities that IT teams undertake. This compliance complexity only grows as organizations transform their IT infrastructure over time. Guardicore simplifies compliance by giving you a visual representation of your IT infrastructure, along with the ability to create software-defined compliance boundaries around regulated assets. These policy definitions are completely independent from your underlying IT infrastructure, so they adapt as your infrastructure evolves. And you no longer need to guess whether your compliance policies are effective. With Guardicore, you can see them work in real-time and validate historical effectiveness, proactively avoiding compliance gaps and simplifying audit activities.

Visualize Regulated Assets – Gain a clear view of assets with regulatory requirements across all your data center, cloud, or hybrid cloud environments.

Simplify Compliance Policies – Isolate regulated assets and data with security policies that are easy to create and adaptable to any platform or environment.

Validate Ongoing Security & Compliance – Assess the performance of compliance rules and detect threats against regulated assets quickly.

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