Many Claim They Are Segmented, Yet Few Reap Full Rewards

Only 2% of Businesses Use Segmentation to Protect All Mission-Critical Assets: Applications, Endpoints, Servers, and Data.

96% of organizations claim to be implementing segmentation in their networks, yet only 2% of those organizations are segmenting all missioncritical asset classes. Our research finds that those who have segmented more areas of their network are able to reap better rewards, and are less exposed to risk from ransomware and other malware.

In this report, we analyze data from 1,000 IT security decision-makers to reveal 4 key findings about the current state of segmentation. We believe traditional approaches may prove cumbersome and less effective, while modern, software-based approaches provide a stronger defense for critical assets.

How would the implementation of segmentation, or lack thereof, impact your security posture?

State of

Segmentation eBook

A Better Way to Segment Your Data Center and Cloud

Guardicore Centra uses software-based segmentation to help you achieve a higher level of security more quickly and easily, with no downtime. With Guardicore Centra you can:

Reduce Your Attack Surface

Prevent Lateral Movement

Secure Critical IT Assets

Why Our Customers Love Us

“The visibility provided by Guardicore Centra was like a bright beam of light that pushed back the darkness!”

Head of Infrastructure Security at Large Bank

“Guardicore allowed us within four hours to stop the attack from spreading and restore downed production lines in a “sterile” network segment without modifying any underlying networking. All during ongoing IR investigation and containment.”

CISO at Breach Remediation Company

What Makes Guardicore the Best Segmentation Solution?

Broadest Coverage

Guardicore protects critical assets no matter where they are deployed or accessed. In the cloud, on-premises, virtual servers, bare metal, or containers.

Consistent Policy Enforcement

Guardicore enables the same level of granular, process-level rules across different operating environments like Windows and Linux.

Faster and Simpler Segmentation

Guardicore supports a flexible allowlist/denylist model for fast risk reduction with a few rules. Others force you into a complex allowlist only model.

No Changes, No Downtime

Guardicore’s software-based approach to segmentation gets you faster results with no changes to networks, applications and no downtime.

More Legacy System Support

Guardicore supports more legacy operating systems, such as Windows 2003, CentOS 6, and RHEL5, and AS400.

Comprehensive Breach Detection

Guardicore provides multiple breach detection capabilities, including reputation analysis, dynamic deception, and threat intelligence firewall.

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