SWIFT Compliance

Meet industry security standards with better visibility and control

A Mandatory Security Controls Framework

The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) is a global provider of financial messaging services. It is widely used by banks and other financial institutions to send secure messages and orchestrate financial transactions. SWIFT is the de facto standard for this type of communication, with over 11,000 institutions in 200 countries participating.
Given the sensitive nature of financial communications, SWIFT places significant emphasis on security standards for participants. The SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework is a mandatory set of regulations that all members of the SWIFT community must comply with. The controls are updated regularly as the threat landscape evolves over time.

Achieve SWIFT’s three key security requirements

Secure the SWIFT environment

Isolate the SWIFT environment from the broader IT infrastructure and tightly control data flow. ​

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The SWIFT security framework requires the SWIFT infrastructure to be isolated from the general IT environment and the Internet. Centra makes it easy to create software-defined segmentation rules to isolate the SWIFT infrastructure and restrict data flow between systems and environments.

Know and limit environment access

Implement ‘need-to-know’ access control to SWIFT systems and monitor access.

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The SWIFT security framework mandates use of security principles like need-to-know access, least privilege, and segregation of duties. Centra gives security teams the ability to create segmentation policies that tightly limit access based on user identity or group membership.

Detect and respond to threats

Monitor for suspicious activity, malware, and compromises to system integrity.​ ​

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The SWIFT security framework requires that organizations monitor for malware, system integrity, and possible intrusions. Centra’s integrated threat detection and response capabilities include reputation-based detection, file integrity monitoring, and deception.

Precise, layered protection for regulated environments

Guardicore Centra makes it easy for organizations to visualize applications throughout their IT infrastructure and implement precise control over data flows and access. The visibility and control that Centra provides makes it easier for financial services organizations subject to the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework to address many aspects of these guidelines. Software-defined segmentation makes isolating SWIFT environments fast and easy, user-based policies tightly limit access, and integrated threat detection and response features further mitigate security and compliance risk.


Improve your SWIFT compliance posture with Guardicore

Participation in the SWIFT community is mandatory for many financial services organizations, so it’s essential that banks and financial institutions of all sizes implement the required security controls. The SWIFT requirements are multi-faced, and Guardicore helps with numerous aspects of compliance across the three overarching themes highlighted in the SWIFT framework: ‘secure your environment,’ ‘know and limit access,’ and ‘detect and respond.’ By bringing visibility, segmentation policy controls, and threat detection together into an integrated approach, Guardicore Centra simplifies SWIFT compliance.

Secure Your Environment – Implement software-defined segmentation policies to isolate SWIFT environments and data flows.

Know and Limit Access – Visualize connections to the SWIFT environment and tightly manage user access.

Detect and Respond – Employ multiple malware and breach detection techniques to speed breach detection and response.

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