Considering Cyber Insurance in the Aftermath of the NotPetya Attack

It’s been 18 months since June 2017 when the Petya/NotPetya cyber attacks fell on businesses around the globe, resulting in a dramatic loss of income and intense business disruption. Has cyber insurance limited the fallout for the victims of the ransomware attacks, and should proactive businesses follow suit and ensure they are financially covered in […]

Do You Have an Effective Security Incident Response Plan? – Assess your Readiness

Understanding how to build a thorough, step-by-step incident response plan can be the difference between a quick recovery and the end of your business. If and when a breach occurs, your business will be asked how you prepared for an incident. Creating a detailed analysis of how your company prepares for a threat, responds in the moment, and learns from the experience puts you one step ahead, and ready for anything.

As Yahoo Breach Sinks In, Here’s How to Secure Your Data Centre in 2017

Guardicore - As Yahoo Breach Sinks In, Here’s How to Secure Your Data Centre in 2017

It’s certainly not what Yahoo or its customers would have wanted. But news of the biggest data breach ever recorded serves as a timely reminder of the threats facing the modern data centre as we head into the new year. The internet pioneer may be an extreme example, having now allowed cyber thieves to steal […]

Corporate Boards Aren’t Prepared for Cyberattacks

Despite the scale and potential harm from such attacks, there’s wide recognition that corporate leaders, especially boards of directors, aren’t taking the necessary actions to defend their companies against such attacks. It’s not just a problem of finding the right cyber-defense tools and services, but also one of management awareness and security acumen at the […]