Stopping Ransomware and Lateral Movement with Segmentation

Network segmentation helps not only to mitigate the risk in some cases, but also to significantly lower the risk of a double extortion attack if implemented properly, by containing and minimizing the “blast radius” of a ransomware attack. Even if the antiviruses and EDRs failed to prevent the ransomware from executing, proper segmentation will keep that damage contained and won’t allow the attackers move laterally across the network, stealing more data and encrypting more machines.

Musing on Ransomware and Other Sophisticated Attacks

Guardicore - Musing on Ransomware and Other Sophisticated Attacks

Musing on Ransomware and Other Sophisticated Attacks Everyone has something to write about ransomware. One can not open a mobile device or a news site without getting notification about some new ransomware-related content.  There’s a good reason: The recent events, media attention and to a certain degree, the public’s panic around the WannaCry ransomware attack are […]

Ransomware Attacks Targeted Hundreds of MySQL Databases

Hundreds of MySQL databases were hit in ransomware attacks, which were described as “an evolution of the MongoDB ransomware attacks” in January, there were tens of thousands of MongoDB installs erased and replaced with ransom demands. In the new attacks, targeted MySQL databases are erased and replaced with a ransom demand for 0.2 bitcoin, which […]

Guardicore Expands Threat Detection and Response Capabilities to Cover More Attack Types Aimed at Data Centers and Clouds

Adds Reputation Services, Ransomware Mitigation and Intuitive Segmentation Policy Creation to Award-Winning Guardicore Centra™ Security Platform San Francisco, CA and Tel Aviv, Israel – Guardicore, a leader in data center and cloud security, today announced it has expanded the threat detection capabilities of its Centra Security Platform to now include reputation analysis and ransomware mitigation, enabling […]