SUNBURST Backdoor: Unfolding Information on the SolarWinds Attack Campaign

SolarWinds Attack Campaign Alert and Information

On December 13th, major news outlets began reporting that a highly-sophisticated supply chain attack had targeted and successfully breached two major U.S. agencies, gaining access to internal email traffic. Emerging details reveal that threat actors behind this attack campaign gained access to these agencies and other organizations across different verticals and geographies by executing a […]

Why You Should Segment Users on AWS WorkSpaces and How it Should be Done

Segmenting Users on AWS Workspaces-931x187

AWS WorkSpaces allow organizations to scale faster and manage complexity between hardware, VDI and Operating System management. User identity access management via smart segmentation of users gives customers visibility and control to take advantage of these benefits with security continuous throughout. Here’s how it works.

Where to Start? Moving from the Theory of Zero Trust to Making it Work in Practice

Guardicore Centra for Zero Trust and visibility

“Never trust, always verify.” But, how can you verify what you can’t see? A strong zero trust model starts with an intuitive and accurate map of your entire data center, updated in real time and with valuable business context and grouping. If you’re thinking about Zero Trust for your enterprise, here’s where it begins.