Third-Party Access Control

Tightly manage IT resource access based on business need

Enable remote user productivity while minimizing security exposure

Visualize applications and user activity

View applications by role and see how users are interacting with them. ​

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Centra’s visualization capabilities make it easy to view applications in context and analyze their dependencies and communication. A flexible resource labelling hierarchy and integration with existing data sources like orchestration systems provide clarity and make policy creation easier.

Control application access by user or group

Create process-level policies based on identity and group membership.

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Even as users access IT environments remotely using general purpose session hosts, policies based on user identity or group membership can limit their access to applications based on business need. This reduces the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive applications or IT resources.

Detect unauthorized access attempts

Receive information-rich alerts when suspicious user activity occurs. ​

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Attempts by third parties to exceed their application access privileges can trigger alerts to the security team with details about the suspicious activity. These insights can be used for third-party vendor training and to continuously improve access controls policies.

Precise control that reduces third-party access risks

Guardicore Centra gives you precise visibility and control over third-party access to your IT environments. Centra’s rich application visualization capabilities, which incorporate contextual labels from orchestration tools and other data sources, make it easy to understand the function of specific applications. Armed with these insights, security teams can implement granular policies that limit application access to specific Active Directory users and groups. This allows organizations to support third-party access needs while limiting security exposure.



Collaborate with third parties securely with Guardicore

Collaboration with trusted third-party individuals and partner organizations is strategic need that many organizations have. However, every time an organization grants an external party access to their IT infrastructure, they are creating another potential attack vector. Guardicore makes it possible to grant fine-grained access to specific IT assets based on user identity and business need, balancing business productivity with security.

View Applications by Function – See applications and their communication in context on a customizable visual map.

Control Third-Party User Access – Narrowly limit users’ access to only those applications that they have a clear business need to use.

Detect Possible User Account Abuse – Receive timely alerts and supporting information when unsanctioned account usage attempts occur.

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