AWS Micro-Segmentation with Guardicore

AWS Micro-Segmentation Challenges

Amazon Web Services is run with a shared responsibility model. Amazon protects the infrastructure, while businesses are responsible for securing their applications, data, operating systems, access management, and firewalls when working in this critical IaaS environment. Amazon’s own security groups and built-in tools like Identity Access Management are a good start, but microsegmentation is necessary as the extra protection to strengthen your security overall.

Fully Integrated Micro-Segmentation for AWS

  • Full integration with EC2 API’s allows users to see native-cloud information and AWS-specific data on the Centra dashboard.
  • Automatically pull EC2 tags and use them when visualizing and creating policy for EC2 instances.
  • Send detected security incidents and policy violations, in real-time, to AWS Security Hub. 

Granular Visibility at Process Level

  • Add visibility to your instances down to process level.
  • Automatically discover applications and flows, integrating with the AWS API to use asset information for labeling and identification.
  • Put visibility to good use, creating application-aware policies that reduce risk in the cloud, covering your role in the shared responsibility model.

Take your Micro-Segmentation Beyond AWS

  • Manage one simple microsegmentation policy across regions and VPCs, containers, VMs and on-premises.
  • Achieve visibility and control down to layer 7 in a multi-cloud environment
  • Include strong breach detection and incident response to complement your microsegmentation and bring complete security to your instances.

Benefits of Guardicore AWS Micro-segmentation

Guardicore is an Advanced Technology Partner for AWS microsegmentation, with security competency. As a powerful third-party tool, Guardicore Centra uses deep visibility to map your entire IT infrastructure and its communication and dependencies in an intuitive way. This map supports a multi and hybrid cloud infrastructure and helps teams to ensure that their security posture is maintained, and that they understand how their applications and environments interact and depend on each other. It also provides the basis for building a smart, flexible and tight microsegmentation security policy. Altogether, Centra makes the shared responsibility model of the AWS cloud simple to manage and maintain.

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