Container Security

Seamless, Comprehensive Security Solution for Containerized Applications

Guardicore Centra Security Platform provides comprehensive container security for teams using any blend of Docker and Kubernetes. Centra protects containerized applications, empowering DevSecOps teams with various critical capabilities without sacrificing the organization’s security posture. Centra secures the production and operational elements of containers by enabling visibility into every container, visualization of communication flows and security with microsegmentation policies.

Real-Time Visibility

Guardicore Centra provides real-time process-level flow visibility within individual containers enriched with orchestration metadata.


Control the communication flows between containers and VMs to achieve protection and compliance with process level microsegmentation.


Historical Flow and Process Information

Review container network flows, investigate incidents and inspect compliance.


Integrated Solution

Guardicore Centra protects the entire application across multiple platforms – virtual machines, bare-metal servers and containers.

Solutions for Container Security in Complicated Cloud Workloads

Gain Visibility

Discover every pod and container communication flow
  • Process level visibility into containerized workloads across multiple platforms
  • One view for virtual machines, bare-metal servers and pods
  • Reveal process information with full details of the originating hierarchy (Container to Node)

Apply Segmentation Policy

Policies based on native pod labels ensure security controls scale and migrate with containers
  • Scale your application with ease without worrying about the segmentation rules changes
  • Create hybrid policies to provide a solution for both pod to pod and vmbare metal to pod traffic
  • Seamlessly integrated into pod communication flows with no change to application layout

Protect Containerized Applications

Deploy containers in PCI-sensitive workloads and demonstrate compliance
  • Workloads are inspected by the Guardicore reputation service for malicious behavior
  • Segmentation policy violations are detected and alerted on the process level within the container
  • Dynamic deception detects lateral movement in the east-west pod traffic

Enterprise-Grade Security for Container Environments

Security for applications running on Docker

Security for Kubernetes deployments

Guardicore Centra Named “Best Buy” by SC Magazine in Cloud-Based Security Group Review

Strengths : “Centra’s container support gives you the ability to dive into details all the way to the process level on public and private clouds.”
Weaknesses : “None that we found”

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Solution Brief

All the Agility of Containers Without Sacrificing Security
Reduce compliance risks and enforce security policies in build, deploy, and runtime environments in any hybrid infrastructure.

Data Sheet

Guardicore Centra Security Platform
Guardicore Centra is a single, converged platform that provides critical controls for hybrid clouds across any environment.

Research Report

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