Docker Security

Comprehensive Docker Security Solution

The container networking space is experiencing swift growth. Moving applications to a platform for managing containers gives you the freedom to accelerate development and scale up systems to meet increasing demands for additional services. Guardicore Centra provides the no security controls needed to maintain visibility and control over the assets at all stages, and the ability to perform upgrades and meet compliance requirements without impacting customers.

Deploy Docker Containers Securely​

Seamless container security can be achieved with policy-driven controls for deploying containers to virtualized environments. Visualize, segment, detect and remediate threats in containerized applications or workloads while maintaining development agility and scalable application performance while avoiding kernel exploits.

Comprehensive Container Protection for Microservice Architectures

Visualize the communication flows and secure them with microsegmentation policies. Robust management facilitates the detection of attacks and helps your company demonstrate compliance at scale.

Real-Time Visibility and Network Control

Container API orchestration enables collection and presentation real-time container metadata and labels. View communication flows down to the process-level within containers. Deploy granular microsegmentation policies to protect and control against the spread of attacks, and misconfigurations caused by human error.

Minimize Container Escape Collateral Damage

Reduce the container attack surface by whitelisting the traffic to the minimum required scope of access based on specific labels such as a business unit, business application, or workload.

Deep Forensic Capabilities for Incident Response

Detect container outbreaks and accelerate incident investigation with the ability to visualize container flow down to the process level in order to detect the root cause of the malicious behavior.

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Solution Brief

A Complete Solution for Micro-Segmentation

Guardicore Centra delivers the industry’s most complete and flexible solution for microsegmentation.

On-demand Webinar

From Zero Micro-Segmentation to Policy Enforcement in Three Steps

See how the Centra Security Platform provides the fastest way to implement microsegmentation with a three step process.

Micro-Segmentation Hub

Micro-Segmentation Best Practice

Micro-segmentation is the emerging IT security best practice of applying workload and process-level security controls to data center and cloud assets.

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