Kubernetes Security Solution

Secure Kubernetes Deployments in Hybrid Environments

New container technology and orchestration tools give you the freedom to accelerate development and scale up systems to meet increasing demands for additional services. Guardicore Centra provides the security controls needed to maintain visibility and control over Kubernetes clusters at all stages, and meet CIS Benchmarks for Kubernetes without impacting customers.

Secure Kubernetes Deployments in Hybrid Environments

Seamless container security can be achieved with policy-driven controls for deploying containers to Kubernetes environments, which include the vital ability to segment particular containers or network connections. Organizations can select the level of microsegmentation they need and direct traffic to a specific Kubernetes cluster. Even with an application running on Kubernetes and other virtual machines, capabilities such as service steering, firewalling and implementing segmentation at different levels can be applied to the entire application.

Comprehensive Container Protection for Microservice Architectures

With Kubernetes handling all overlay networking that enables pods to communicate, monitoring network traffic becomes a real challenge. Guardicore Centra allows you to see every cluster, pod and service, see how they are accessed and communicate with one another, and secure them with microsegmentation policies. Robust management facilitates the detection of attacks by providing vulnerability analysis for images and containers, and helps your company demonstrate compliance at scale.

Cloud Native Visibility with Multi-Cloud UI Controls

Users can activate multiple orchestration providers such as AWS, vSphere and Kubernetes (K8s) simultaneously, and still have the granularity to segment individual services. Asset inventory and metadata is continuously fetched from all defined orchestration providers. Orchestration data can be displayed from multiple sources for the same Kubernetes asset. All the data about a specific node is collected both from the Kubernetes API and the compute providers’ APIs.

Simplify Security for Kubernetes Deployment In Hybrid Networking Environments

  • Comprehensive Security Controls to Maintain Visibility and Control Over Assets at All Stages
  • Select Level of Micro-Segmentation & Direct Traffic to Specific Kubernetes Clusters
  • Secure Kubernetes Deployment with Microservices-Style Architecture
  • Near Real-Time Container Protection for Policy-Driven Controls
  • Granularity to Segment Individual Services
  • Cloud Native Visibility & Multi-Cloud UI Controls
  • Meet CIS Benchmarks for Kubernetes
  • Simplified & Simultaneous Activation of Multiple Orchestration Providers AWS, vSphere and Kubernetes (K8s)

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Guardicore Centra delivers the industry’s most complete and flexible solution for microsegmentation.


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