Micro-Segmentation Solution

Discover Application Dependencies to Reduce Attack Surface, Secure Critical Applications and Ensure Compliance

A solid foundation for workload protection and compliance is isolation and segmentation of network applications and their components. Guardicore Centra microsegmentation solution enables deep application dependencies mapping and policy enforcement ensuring an ongoing management process of your microsegmentation policy. Guardicore Centra delivers the industry’s most complete and flexible solution for microsegmentation, featuring the following key attributes:


Wide Coverage

Guardicore Centra applies microsegmentation policy anywhere your applications run today or tomorrow, spanning public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

Deep Visibility

Guardicore Centra’s microsegmentation tool for application discovery and dependencies mapping allows you to understand the full context of application dependencies before defining microsegmentation security policies.

Intuitive Workflow

Guardicore Centra provides a simple workflow from mapping application dependencies to suggesting and setting rules, so you understand their impact before applying to traffic.

Granular Policies

Guardicore Centra’s microsegmentation tool allows you to set and enforce “process-level” rules to tightly control flows between application components, resulting in the strongest security posture.


Successfully Navigate the Path to Micro-Segmentation in Three Easy Steps


Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping
  • Automatically correlate network and process-level activity
  • Identify application behavior with process-level context
  • Automatically import orchestration metadata to generate asset labels


Quickly Design, Test and Deploy Policies
  • Design policies using automated rule suggestions based on historical observations.
  • Intuitive workflow supports continuous policy refinement and eliminates errors.
  • Consistently express policy across any environment.


Strong Security, in Any Environment
  • Control communications at both the network and process-level on Windows and Linux
  • Investigate policy violations and detect breaches faster with integrated data from multiple attack vectors
  • Maintain security regardless of operating system enforcement limitations

Guardicore Centra Named “Best Buy” by SC Magazine in Cloud-Based Security Group Review

Strengths : “Centra’s container support gives you the ability to dive into details all the way to the process level on public and private clouds.”
Weaknesses : “None that we found”

Akamai Guardicore Segmentation named a Leader in The Forrester New Wave™ Microsegmentation, Q1 2022

Forrester found that Akamai Guardicore Segmentation “is an excellent overall microsegmentation solution for IT. Enterprises looking to deploy a host-based, granular network should look at Guardicore”. 

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Solution Brief

A Complete Solution for Micro-Segmentation
Guardicore Centra delivers the industry’s most complete and flexible solution for microsegmentation.

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From Zero Micro-Segmentation to Policy Enforcement in Three Steps
See how the Centra Security Platform provides the fastest way to implement microsegmentation with a three step process.

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Micro-Segmentation Best Practice
Micro-segmentation is the emerging IT security best practice of applying workload and process-level security controls to data center and cloud assets.
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