Threat Detection and Response

Detect More Threats, Faster and Respond With Greater Intelligence

Today’s rapidly expanding, clouds and data centers have become prime targets for infiltration and attacks with alarming frequency. Security teams are hard pressed to keep pace with the staggering rate of breaches. Guardicore Centra is the only solution that provides a single, scalable platform with real time threat detection and response capabilities featuring the following key attributes:


Threat detection methods – Dynamic Deception, Reputation Analysis and Policy-Based Detection,  simultaneously form a strong security net, virtually ensuring that any live breach is caught, mitigated and contained for in-depth investigation.

Made for the Cloud

Patented Dynamic Deception with additional methods designed for the unique requirements of the cloud provides coverage against attack vectors that other product miss.

Integrated Response

Real time threat detection coupled with actionable intelligence and exact know how about the attackers tools and methods with real-time response recommendations and actions.

Detailed Forensics

Incident data is presented in a human-readable fashion alongside the evidence including indicators of compromise, relevant artifacts and the identifying characteristics of human attackers vs. bots.

See the Entire Attack, Block Lateral Movements and Reduce Dwell Time


Multiple threat detection methods address all types of threats
  • Distributed, dynamic deception engages attackers and identifies their methods without disrupting cloud or data center performance.
  • Reputation analysis detects suspicious domain names, IP address and file hashes within traffic flows.
  • Policy-based threat detection enables instant recognition of unauthorized communications and non-compliant traffic.


Automatic analysis provides high-fidelity incident data
  • Collects the entire attack footprint – the files and tools being used and uploaded, and the arsenal of weapons that the intruder activates.
  • Performs deep forensics to expose user credentials, attack methods, propagation tactics and more.
  • Accelerates investigations with intuitive tags that help to identify and sort significant attack characteristics and trends.


Mitigation recommendations and platform integrations accelerate incident response
  • Automatically export IOCs to security gateways, SIEM and ticketing systems to block, contain and investigate attacks.
  • Quickly update segmentation policies to remediate traffic violations with a single-click.
  • Trigger actions on VMs – suspend, halt, disconnect or snapshot – to prevent the spread of damage from ransomware attacks.

What Are the Common Cloud Security Threats?

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Denial of

Service Attacks

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Account or

credential hijacking

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Exploit against hosting

provider vulnerability

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Sensitive data exfiltration

directly from cloud app

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user abuse

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Adversary pivoting from

cloud to internal systems

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