Disrupting Ransomware Attacks Through the Lens of Mitre ATT&CK

Despite consistent increases in security spending, ransomware remains an ever-growing threat to businesses. Surprisingly, the ransomware itself, the malware that does the encryption, is only a part of a larger, equally dangerous, attack chain.

Using the Mitre ATT&CK framework, this webinar will dive into the adversarial techniques that precede and follow the deployment of ransomware itself. By turning our attention to the entire kill chain, a path towards minimizing the likelihood, impact, and recovery of ransomware time become clear.

In this Webinar you will learn: 

  • How ransomware fits within the anatomy of an end-to-end attack, as seen through the lens of MITRE ATT&CK.
  • Practical steps you can take to disrupt the kill chain before ransomware can be deployed.
  • How to leverage AI to map complex environments and expedite the path towards policy enforcement that drastically reduces the impact of ransomware.
  • How advancements in host-based segmentation are helping businesses achieve an infrastructure that enables rapid remediation of ransomware events without disrupting business operations.



Igor Livshitz

Director of Product Management, Guardicore


Eliad Kimhy

Marketing Innovation, Guardicore

Video: Disrupting Ransomware Attacks Through the Lens of Mitre ATT&CK

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