On demand: Akamai and Forrester guest offer practical advice on Zero Trust

Defending against cyberattacks from the inside out

You can now access our popular webinar The Enemy Within: Fighting Cyberattacks When the Intruder Is Already Inside. Presenters include guest speaker Forrester Senior Analyst Jess Burn, VP and CTO Charlie Gero, and Guardicore Co-Founder and CTO Ariel Zeitlin.

You will hear these Zero Trust experts discuss how to construct a comprehensive security framework to not only fight threats at the perimeter but also stop lateral movement of malware across your network.

View this webinar to learn: 

  • How to defend against malicious code moving laterally across your internal network
  • What an ideal Zero Trust framework looks like in the real world
  •  Practical tips for implementing microsegmentation and other key Zero Trust security technologies



Charlie Gero

Forrester VP and CTO


Jessica Burn

Forrester Senior Analyst


Ariel Zeitlin

Guardicore Co-Founder and CTO

The Enemy Within: Fighting Cyberattacks When the Intruder is Already Inside

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