Zero Trust Security

Reduce risk to critical assets with a Zero Trust approach to security

Zero Trust Security Model

Introduced by Forrester in 2010, the concept of Zero Trust security is not new. Zero Trust security proposes a fundamentally different model than what Forrester calls the “moat and castle” strategy that ignores threats and compromised assets inside the castle. It assumes that every user, device, system or connection is already compromised (by default) whether they are inside or outside of the network.
Zero Trust is not a technology, and it is not a product. There are no silver bullets in achieving a Zero Trust security posture. It is a strategic, architectural approach to security enabled by technology. Simply put, it provides CISOs and other security leaders with a more rigorous security posture for today’s world of escalating risk.

Forrester Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) Framework

To help you apply Zero Trust principles to your enterprise, Forrester developed the Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) framework. This framework lists seven components where Zero Trust should fit in the enterprise.

How Guardicore Centra Aligns with the Forrester ZTX Framework

Accelerate Zero Trust adoption with faster and easier segmentation​

Classify workloads and data

Map application dependencies and traffic flows. ​

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Many organizations lack visibility into how applications work. Visibility is a cornerstone for Zero Trust security. Centra classifies assets and maps application dependencies that are critical to create segmentation policy for Zero Trust microperimeters.

Prevent lateral movement

Contain breaches behind the perimeter before they cause damage.

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Flat and under-segmented networks create opportunities for attackers to move laterally and dwell undetected for long periods of time. Centra provides microsegmentation and breach detection capabilities to prevent the spread of breaches and detect them faster.

Simplify and accelerate compliance

Avoid complex audits and stay compliant. ​

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Ongoing compliance management and audits can be a complex and time-consuming process. Applying a Zero Trust approach to segmentation of the network and critical assets with Centra reduces the scope of compliance initiatives such as PCI DSS and SWIFT.

Familiar with
Zero Trust Security?

Use Guardicore Centra to micro-segment your environment.

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Zero Trust Security?

Use Infection Monkey to assess your zero trust security posture.

Assess Your Zero Trust Security Posture with Guardicore Infection Monkey and Centra™

Discover how Infection Monkey leverages its existing breach and attack simulation capabilities to test your security against Forrester’s Zero Trust eXtended (ZTX) framework, generating a comprehensive report with actionable recommendations.

“We were moving to another data center. We needed to complete it in 30 daysHowever, the technology teams would not have the necessary time to map all the existing firewall rules.

We had environment segregation based on the firewall, but when moving to the new environment, we would have none of that because time wouldn’t allow it.

Now we’re in the process of refining the rules, not only making sure that the rules are working correctly.

Today, I can trust nothing. I cannot trust my mobile phone on my network, I can’t trust my third-party that comes with his notebook and connects to my network, I can’t trust the notebook that my employee takes home and so on. so, it’s a matter of Zero Trust.

Guardicore’s technical team is helping us, but it is much simpler when everything is working with a few simple clicks.”

Alex Amorim
Information Security Manager, Cogna Group

5 Critical Steps to Enable Zero Trust with Guardicore Centra

1. Map the Connections and Flows of Sensitive, Business-Critical Data

Gaining total Visibility into applications, workloads and devices is critical to a Zero Trust solution. Guardicore provides real-time and historical maps to identify sensitive connections and flows across any infrastructure. These maps are required to fully understand application dependencies that will allow you to create secure Zero Trust micropermeters.

2. Architect Your Zero Trust Microperimeters

Guardicore provides automatic Zero Trust recommendations to help security teams rapidly design secure perimeters.

3. Use a Software-Based Approach to Enforce Zero Trust Micro-Segmentation

Fast, effective microsegmentation is a core element of Zero Trust. Software-defined segmentation offers a more agile approach to network segmentation than internal firewalls and VLANs. Guardicore provides a software-defined segmentation solution that is decoupled from the network, allows segmentation down to the application level and ensures your policies follow the workload across any infrastructure.

4. Embrace Security Automation and Orchestration

Rich built-in integration with orchestration tools simplifies deployment and automation in any complex environment. There are tens of other commercial and open-source integrations available and we provide an extensive, well documented open REST API allowing customers to create their own integration as they wish, helping organizations build an effective Zero Trust policy.

5. Beyond Micro-Segmentation: Workload Security

In addition to strong network microsegmentation capabilities, Guardicore provides methods to detect malicious behavior, including a proprietary Threat Intelligence Firewall to detect and block malicious traffic to and from attackers, dynamic deception to identify and analyze malicious lateral movement, and signature-based reputation analysis to detect malicious processes and traffic.

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Segmentation and Zero Trust

Zero Trust security is going mainstream. Segmentation is a foundational component to reduce risk and prevent breaches. The Guardicore distributed, software-defined approach to segmentation can accelerate your move to Zero Trust.

Zero Trust: What it Means and How to Get There Faster

A zero-trust model is light years ahead of traditional network segmentation approaches for reducing risk in today’s enterprise data centers. Learn how it works in practice, and how to jump any hurdles to implementation.

Monkey See, Centra Do: How to Assess Your Zero Trust Status and Mitigate

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